Pamela Stathaki interviewed by Products of Change

Ahead of her presentation at the Sustainability in Licensing Conference in June 2022, Head of Sustainability Pamela Stathaki was interviewed by Ron Hutchins of Products of Change.


During their conversation, Pamela spoke to her role and recent work at The Marketing Store, including the recent German Happy Meal® that converted cold cups into books; designing for sustainability; and greenwashing among other topics.


When asked what the future holds, Pamela said “If I need to summarise the future in one word, it would be “change”. But then again, there is no other constant in life other than change … [Recent] devastating global crises show us that the brands that will prosper are the ones that focus on “Purpose & Impact” but is much broader than just sustainability. As Simon Sinek mentions in his book, ‘People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.’ This is even more relevant following global life changing crises we are experiencing.”


You can read the full interview here and register for the Sustainability in Licensing Conference here.


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