The Marketing Store continues to innovate sustainable toy engineering in new Happy Meal programme

The Marketing Store’s UK team have launched a new paper Happy Meal programme featuring dinosaurs from the hit Dreamworks television series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, currently streaming on Netflix.

In line with McDonald’s broader sustainability commitments in the UK, the new programme features the UK’s first ever paper construction toys. Each Happy Meal will be complete with one of twelve 3D slot and lock dinosaurs, which children can assemble to create a large and durable toy.

The wallet packaging that comes along with the toy also serves a purpose: when turned inside out, they double as amazing playset scenes featuring the landscapes of “Isla Nublar,” the island of Camp Cretaceous. Stickers are also included to enable the customisation of the dinosaur or the playset, creating an entirely unique experience for each child.

In addition to the toys, the UK’s Happy Meal Book or Toy programme will also feature four informational books within the Jurassic World theme: ‘Horned Dinosaurs’, ‘Ferocious Dinosaurs’, ‘Armoured Dinosaurs’, and ‘Big Dinosaurs’.

Launching in early March, the programme corresponds with World Book Day on March 4th. McDonald’s have partnered with them for the second year running and as a result, each Happy Meal box will come with a £1 Book Token, which children can use to redeem one of 12 free books offered or get £1 off a book at participating booksellers.

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