The Marketing Store hosts Chicago Ideas Week innovation lab

We were thrilled to have the chance to partner with local thinktank Chicago Ideas to host a sold-out interactive lab, showcasing the mobile innovation we pull off each week for our client T-Mobile.


Nearly 60 attendees experienced “The Customer Appreciation Game.” We took them along journey of a T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, but gave it a Halloween-spin, offering themed prizes along a haunted trail throughout our office space.


Effective programs start with strategy, so we kicked things off at a strategy station called “Exhuming Personas.” Participants stepped up to open one of three literal life-sized coffins — built completely out of foam core in-house by our very own creative team — to reveal a live mummy.


Dual-purpose, these mummies served as guides along the journey and also represented one of three personas: Budget Buyer, Social Butterfly or Experienced Explorer. 


We sent attendees off in groups to different rotational stations to complete various challenges. The catch? To win, players had keep their mummy’s persona in mind. What would Budget Buyer need? What does the Experienced Explorer like?


Themed rotational stations included:


Finally, our Data Sorcerers, aka the Data and Decision Science team, provided insights on concocting a perfect week for T-Mobile Tuesdays. They detailed how each group performed, even live scoring their results. The Budget Buyers group took home the grand prize.

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