The Marketing Store Launches BoConcept’s ‘Make Your Statement’ Campaign

The Marketing Store London has partnered with Danish furniture and lifestyle brand BoConcept to launch their new ‘Make Your Statement’ campaign.


Much of BoConcept’s recent storytelling has focused on helping consumers to create a “harder working home” so that they can live well despite the impact of the pandemic. However mass global vaccine programmes (and pandemic-fatigue) are driving consumers to a new-found optimism. Bringing hope for potential better times ahead and a return to things missed such as travel, entertaining and socialising. No-one can say when this vision will materialize but optimism is nonetheless shifting focus. In the home consumers are moving from the functional to the emotional; from “how can my home do all of this?” to “how can my home express all of me?”


‘Make Your Statement’ sees BoConcept respond with a call for consumers to express their unique style in their home. The good news is that statements do not need to be big redesign projects. Statement pieces such as a focal-point piece of furniture, a bold change of colour or playing with accessories can transform a space, bringing your own style and energy into the home.


As well as general tips and inspiration for how consumers can make their statement BoConcept continue to offer personalized styling help via their Interior Design Service. The full in-home Interior Design Service is offered for free in selected markets. The Service ranges from free styling advice to a flexible in-home solution which includes measuring, mood boards, 3D visualisations, installation and post-install cleaning. The service, used by hundreds of consumers each month can be accessed instore, at home and virtually via video call.


BoConcept also has industry-leading customisation – allowing you to make your statement easily as practically everything, including storage, beds, tables, chairs and sofas can be tailored to the consumer’s taste and needs through size, colour, material, features and 120+ fabrics and leathers.


The campaign has been executed in 64 countries across digital display, social, website and CRM, and of course BoConcept’s 300 stores.


 Andy Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, The Marketing Store Europe said:


“Our choice of clothes. Our hair. Our music. They’re all powerful statements and expressions of who we are. BoConcept encourage and empower us to do the same with their range of statement pieces. With so many designs, textures, materials and colours – BoConcept’s statement furniture can be customised to any customer’s vision and style.”


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