There is definitely an 'I' in inclusion: simple ways to become a DEI leader

Senior Account Executive and North America Inclusion Team Lead at The Marketing Store Aly Rumel shares her perspective on how individuals can take actions to foster a more inclusive workplace in Built In Chicago's latest roundup. Read the full article here.


Turn good intentions into inclusive actions


“I keep a Post-it note on my desktop with two questions I use throughout the day to challenge my current biases: Whose voices are missing? How could I be wrong?


It only takes a minute to have this dialogue in my head, and it almost always results in an actionable step I can take to think beyond my own experiences. Often it’s as simple as copying a few extra folks when I send out meeting notes or finding a new way for coworkers to participate in a virtual meeting. Even these seemingly small steps help to expand the conversation in a way that empowers more people to show up authentically and contribute.”

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