We believe that diversity across all areas of our business is critical and that a diverse business can only be realized when we create access and equity for all. As such, we aim to build a culture that fosters inclusion and belonging to unlock all the advantages of a diverse workforce.


We recognize that we have much work to do, but we believe by taking this approach and prioritizing action, we can build a business where all employees are empowered to do their best work and show up as their most authentic selves.


This is our mission. This is how we commit to getting there:


EDUCATION: Learning and development

In 2020 and 2021, our employees undertook the first stages of inclusion training, including recruitment bias training and training on microaggression. Inclusion training will become part of our ongoing mandatory training programs as well.


REPRESENTATION: Globally connected

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) work together to provide global thought leadership, advocacy and voice to disadvantaged groups and a sense of community to their members. They also drive allyship and promote intersectional thinking and action.


Our regional inclusion teams are empowered to create inclusive solutions and foster an inclusive culture within their workplaces. They are responsible for providing inclusion output and/or guidance across four core workstreams: culture, communications, acts of inclusion and measuring progress. They also form a global inclusion team to ensure global connectivity, and support and amplify the work of our ERGs.


TRANSPARENCY: A feedback loop

Transparency is a key element of delivering equity within our company. We aim to have clear robust people policies. We also harness people data to make sure our people processes are equitable and to remove any inequities that emerge. We listen to our people regularly to understand how they feel about equity in the business and take actions accordingly.


REVIEW: Policies and processes

Complaints reporting

We are not a status quo company. We want to learn from our mistakes. We have a robust system for anonymously report concerns, these are always actioned.


Recruitment process

We have developed tools, policies and training to ensure our selection processes maximize diversity, are free from bias and allow candidates to shine as their authentic best selves.


Promotion protocol

We have developed tools, policies and training to ensure our people processes including promotions, project allocation and other role changes are fair and free from bias and allow diverse candidates to develop their careers with programmes like reverse mentoring.


ACCELERATE: Opportunities for career development 

We will launch a global skills building program and introduce a reverse mentoring program that encourages mutual learning, guidance and sponsorship.


COMMUNITY:  Supporting others

We celebrate and amplify the underrepresented and use our platforms to do this. We support minority owned businesses where possible. We enable our employees to make an impact on their local communities through volunteering and fundraising. We also support a wide array of voluntary agencies with skills, education, networking and financial donations.


Our DE&I partners

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