At The Marketing Store, we believe that considering sustainability throughout our processes and practices is critically important for our staff, our clients, and their consumers. 


As an agency, we recognise our impact and responsibility to tackle the climate crisis and are committed to innovating sustainable solutions throughout the entire customer experience.


Our commitment to innovation in this area is underpinned by 5 core pillars:


People: The end customer is always at the heart of any experience we create. We are committed to creating fun, innovative, safe, but also sustainable experiences on behalf of our clients. 


Design: We are committed to integrating sustainable thinking throughout every aspect of the design process—from concept to execution. Against each and every brief, we will take an evidence-based approach in the selection of materials and manufacturing processes as we know that 80% of a product’s environmental impact is decided during the design process.


Sustainability solutions: We are committed to researching, identifying and building new sustainable solutions in the customer experience space. Be it through new materials, new packaging solutions, or even simply new ways of working; we will always strive to help our clients reduce their overall environmental impact and the carbon footprints of their customers.


Supplier engagement: We are committed to engaging our suppliers and vendors with our sustainability goals and working with them to reduce the Marketing Store’s environmental impact outside of our own operations and across our product and print manufacturing processes.


Partnerships: We know that the climate crisis cannot be tackled alone. That’s why, as we move towards becoming a more sustainable organisation, we are committed to seeking support from selected partners - be they external NGOs, industry bodies, or other members of the HAVI group. 


We also acknowledge the importance of practicing what we preach. We know that it is important not only for us to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients but also to live and breathe these values in our own offices.


This is why we aim to always lead by example and encourage our employees to do the same.


Already, our offices around the world have made some incredible strides.


In London we have shifted to 100% renewable sources for our office energy, we’ve also increased the efficiency of our IT equipment and processes, shifted to using glass only milk bottles which means a saving of 3000 plastic bottles a year, and banned disposable cutlery, plates and cups from the office.


We know that we are only one part of a much bigger picture, We also know that there’s much more still do.


We look forward to sharing more in the near future as we continue to identify and tackle each sustainability challenge with integrity, accountability and creativity.


Our work is never finished.


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