EUROPE Disneyland Paris

Les Jours Très Très Magiques

CRM / Loyalty / Social


Disneyland Paris is a magical place that has thrilled both little-ones and grown-ups alike for almost 30 years.

In order to drive French visitors to the park, they asked us to create an innovative mobile experience that would ensure those that visited truly had the experience of a lifetime.



We decided to make the already magical park, very very magical (trés trés magiques) by offering VIP experiences that visitors usually couldn’t access with a regular ticket. 

From private encounters with your favourite princess, to backstage passes for shows and exclusive rollercoaster rides, our geolocation chatbot offered any visitor the opportunity to win, by answering a general knowledge question about the park and it’s history. If they answered correctly they were automatically registered into a lottery which saw winners able to access their prizes on the same day.



Significant boosts in park attendance over the period

21,000 participants

72% opt ins

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