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Vue is one of the world’s leading cinema operators, a proud custodian for the big screen, and an industry pioneer for customer experience and product innovation.

We were challenged to grow their food and beverage revenue, with a huge opportunity to increase retail spend per visitor.


Since 2018 we have provided a full service retail experience solution: consulting, creating, and innovating for Vue.

Backed by years of experience in this area, we delivered objective frameworks to streamline the creative process for Vue’s merchandising, without losing the essence of behaviour changing ideas. These frameworks underpinned our creation of sub-brands for Vue’s Avalanche Ice Cream, The Preview Bar, and Snacks and Seats Touch Screens.

We also maximised the creative potential of Vue’s digital touchpoints to tantalisingly bring their product range to life — from food and beverages to gift cards — strategically targeting a wide range of audiences. Cutting edge technology complemented our creativity and identified saliency within the retail environment, ensuring the right messages are prioritised along the customer journey. 

We now apply a customer-first lens across all technology launches or new operational initiatives and are responsible for applying behavioural economic principles, developing retail strategies through science and actionable insight. This has informed critical projects like ticket pricing optimisation as well as Vue’s menu architecture and product and service development. Our knowledge and experience has even been translated into a retail experience playbook that Vue uses as an internal guide.

Playbook Excerpt


Since the start of our partnership, quality perceptions of food and drink have increased, as well as perceptions of price —  without changes implemented to the products or price reductions.

Our new merchandising for gift cards drove over £600k in incremental seasonal sales year-on-year.

And, whilst still in testing, our restructuring of the food and beverage menu architecture and product merchandising and our strategic consultancy on ticket pricing optimisation are both projected to deliver £1m+ in incremental revenue.

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