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In a market with declining beer sales, declining brand awareness and a new audience of beer drinkers engaging with media in an entirely different way, Carlsberg knew that it needed to change the way it spoke to its core audience.

So, they asked us to develop a content strategy that would help them become part of day-to-day conversation and be seen as a brand famous for great, insightful entertainment once more.

To do this, we needed to produce relevant content, across the right channels at the right times, all within a challenging budget.

News Room



Partnering with Carlsberg’s other agencies, we created ‘The Carlsberg Newsroom’, a first-of-its-kind all-agency and client team.

The idea was to harness the power of earned media, shared content and talk-ability to ‘hijack’ the UK news cycle with strong, breakthrough creative ideas underpinned by an evergreen brand strap line: ‘If Carlsberg Did…’

Our agile, ‘always-on’ Newsroom approach eliminated unnecessary agency processes to bring client and creative talent closer together. As a result, we were able to leverage the brand strap line to craft witty, of-the-moment content and distribute it in record time. By applying an ‘If Carlsberg did…’ spin to news stories and current affairs, Carlsberg became a key part of the cultural conversation, engaging consumers and driving awareness outside of it’s core audiences.



In the first 6 months we generated over 230 pieces of press coverage and doubled Carlsberg’s average engagement rates for both Facebook and Twitter. Total brand awareness also doubled.

The model became the most awarded social media marketing initiative of both 2015 and 2016, and most importantly, Carlsberg’s volume grew in a declining market.


Drum Marketing Awards

Branded Content Strategy of the Year

Masters of Marketing Awards

Content Marketing, Multichannel Marketing

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