Spicy McNuggets National

Retail Experience


McDonald’s wanted to leverage existing fan-love for their core Chicken McNuggets…but really spice it up. The launch aligned to the brand’s long-term goal to increase overall credibility in the Chicken category. 

We were tasked with developing a breakthrough merchandising kit that would clearly stand out from competitors’ spicy nuggets campaigns and highlight the "Mc" difference.

Spicy McNuggets Image 1


We developed a neon sign announcement look & feel (leveraged across all other channels) to generate excitement for the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Alongside the spicy neon sign, we captured the iconic, customer-loved coating and shapes of the McNuggets, and brought through the bright, differentiated coloring of the cayenne and delicious dips of the new Mighty Hot Sauce in our food photography and motion.


The Mighty Hot Sauce, showcased in the restaurant's soft-sell promotion elements, drove popularity ahead of the program’s official launch—before advertising even went live. 

Spicy Chicken McNuggets were so popular that McDonald’s brought the limited time product back in early 2021.